Genetic parameters for carcass traits estimated from Angus field records.

  title={Genetic parameters for carcass traits estimated from Angus field records.},
  author={Doyle E. Wilson and Richard L. Willham and Sally L. Northcutt and Gene H. Rouse},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={71 9},
The American Angus Association has sponsored a carcass evaluation since 1974. The carcass data collected as a part of this program are used by the association to conduct a biannual sire evaluation for carcass merit. This paper presents age-adjustment factors and genetic parameter estimates for carcass traits to be used in the Angus carcass genetic evaluation program. Because of the large range in slaughter ages, age classes were defined as all those animals slaughtered at an age of < or = 480 d… CONTINUE READING
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