Genetic overlap between bipolar illness and event-related potentials.

  title={Genetic overlap between bipolar illness and event-related potentials.},
  author={Mei-Hua Hall and Fr{\"u}hling Rijsdijk and Sridevi Kalidindi and Katja Kristina Schulze and Eugenia Kravariti and Fergus Kane and Pak Sham and Elvira Bramon and Robin MacGregor Murray},
  journal={Psychological medicine},
  volume={37 5},
BACKGROUND Electrophysiological endophenotypes are far less explored in bipolar disorder as compared to schizophrenia. No previous twin study of event-related potentials (ERPs) in bipolar illness has been reported. This study uses a twin design and advanced genetic model fitting analyses aiming to (1) assess and quantify the relationship of a range of ERP components with bipolar disorder with psychotic features, and (2) examine the source of the relationship (due to genetic or environmental… CONTINUE READING

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