Genetic mouse models of extended lifespan.

  title={Genetic mouse models of extended lifespan.},
  author={Hanyu Liang and Edward J. Masoro and James F. Nelson and Randy Strong and Clyde Mcmahan and Arlan Richardson},
  journal={Experimental gerontology},
  volume={38 11-12},
Since 1996, seven genetic mouse models have been reported to show increased lifespan: Ames and Snell dwarf mice, the 'little mouse' (Ghrhr(lit/lit)), mice null for either growth hormone receptor/binding protein (GHR/BP(-/-)) or p66(shc) (p66(shc-/-)), mice heterozygous for the IGF-I receptor (Igf1r(+/-)), and fat-specific insulin receptor knockout mice. In… CONTINUE READING