Genetic modeling of human urinary bladder carcinogenesis.

  title={Genetic modeling of human urinary bladder carcinogenesis.},
  author={Bogdan A. Czerniak and Li Li and Vijaya Chaturvedi and Jae Yoon Ro and Dennis A. Johnston and Sherie Hodges and William F. Benedict},
  journal={Genes, chromosomes & cancer},
  volume={27 4},
We developed a model of human urinary bladder cancer progression from in situ precursor lesions to invasive carcinoma using whole organ histologic and genetic mapping. The model represents a high-density and detailed analysis regarding allelic losses on chromosomes 4, 8, 9, 11, and 17 as revealed by testing of 234 samples obtained from five cystectomy specimens. The samples corresponded to microscopically identified intraurothelial precursor conditions ranging from dysplasia to carcinoma in… CONTINUE READING
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