Genetic meta-analysis of diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease identifies new risk loci and implicates Aβ, tau, immunity and lipid processing

  title={Genetic meta-analysis of diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease identifies new risk loci and implicates A$\beta$, tau, immunity and lipid processing},
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  journal={Nature Genetics},
Risk for late-onset Alzheimer’s disease (LOAD), the most prevalent dementia, is partially driven by genetics. To identify LOAD risk loci, we performed a large genome-wide association meta-analysis of clinically diagnosed LOAD (94,437 individuals). We confirm 20 previous LOAD risk loci and identify five new genome-wide loci (IQCK, ACE, ADAM10, ADAMTS1, and WWOX), two of which (ADAM10, ACE) were identified in a recent genome-wide association (GWAS)-by-familial-proxy of Alzheimer’s or dementia… 

Genome-wide association study of brain biochemical phenotypes reveals distinct genetic architecture of Alzheimer’s Disease related proteins

The novel approach of deep brain biochemical endophenotype GWAS has implications for pathophysiology of proteostasis in AD that can guide therapeutic discovery efforts focused on these proteins.

Novel Alzheimer’s disease risk variants identified based on whole-genome sequencing of APOE ε4 carriers

This study demonstrates that APOE -stratified analysis is important for understanding the genetic background of AD in different populations.

Genome-wide meta-analysis for Alzheimer’s disease cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers

Clustering methods exploring the influence of all known AD risk loci on the CSF protein levels, revealed 4 biological categories suggesting multiple Aβ42 and pTau related biological pathways involved in the etiology of AD.

Prediction of clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, vascular, mixed, and all-cause dementia by a polygenic risk score and APOE status in a community-based cohort prospectively followed over 17 years

The PRS enriched the ability of APOE to discern AD with stronger associations than to VD, MD, or all-cause dementia in a prospective community-based cohort.

Shared Genetic Background Between Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers and Risk for Alzheimer's Disease: A Two-Sample Mendelian Randomization Study.

The results suggest that the etiology of LOAD involves multiple biological processes, including the pathways of Aβ and tau proteins.

Genetically regulated expression in late-onset Alzheimer’s disease implicates risk genes within known and novel loci

GReX-based meta-analysis in LOAD identifies 216 genes (including 72 novel genes), illuminating the role of gene regulatory models in LOads, and reveals eight additional genes significantly associated with LOAD.

Manifestations of genetic risk for Alzheimer’s Disease in the blood: a cross-sectional multi-omic analysis in healthy adults aged 18-90+

A phenome-wide association study on clinical, proteomic, and metabolic blood-based analytes obtained from 2,831 cognitively normal adult clients of a consumer-based scientific wellness company uncovered statistically significant SNP-analyte associations for five genetic variants after correction for multiple testing.

Associations of Alzheimer’s disease risk variants with gene expression, amyloidosis, tauopathy, and neurodegeneration

Genetic variants might play functional roles and suggest potential mechanisms in AD pathogenesis, which opens doors to uncover novel targets for AD treatment.

A comprehensive analysis of methods for assessing polygenic burden on Alzheimer’s disease pathology and risk beyond APOE

Polygenic scores were associated beyond APOE with clinical diagnosis, CSF-tau levels and, to a minor degree, with progressive atrophy, and the results demonstrate that incomplete adjustment for the APOE locus can lead to overestimated effects of polygenic scores due to APOE-ε4 homozygous participants.



Meta-analysis of 74,046 individuals identifies 11 new susceptibility loci for Alzheimer's disease

In addition to the APOE locus (encoding apolipoprotein E), 19 loci reached genome-wide significance (P < 5 × 10−8) in the combined stage 1 and stage 2 analysis, of which 11 are newly associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Genome-wide analysis of genetic loci associated with Alzheimer disease.

Although CLU and PICALM were confirmed to be associated with AD in this independent sample, they did not improve the ability of a model that included age, sex, and APOE to predict incident AD.

Genome-wide association study identifies variants at CLU and CR1 associated with Alzheimer's disease

A large genome-wide association study of 2,032 individuals from France with Alzheimer's disease and 5,328 controls identified other risk loci, which support roles of CLU and CR1 in the clearance of β amyloid (Aβ) peptide, the principal constituent of amyloids plaques, which are one of the major brain lesions of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.

A multi-center study of ACE and the risk of late-onset Alzheimer's disease.

Previously reported associations of ACE variants with LOAD will be diminished following this study because at best, ACE variants have modest effect sizes, which are likely part of a complex interaction between genetic, phenotypic and pharmacological effects that would be undetected in traditional case-control studies.

Genome-Wide Association Study of CSF Levels of 59 Alzheimer's Disease Candidate Proteins: Significant Associations with Proteins Involved in Amyloid Processing and Inflammation

The genetic associations reported here are novel and suggest mechanisms for genetic control of CSF and plasma levels of these disease-related proteins/pathways may be valuable therapeutic targets for AD.

Polygenic Overlap Between C-Reactive Protein, Plasma Lipids, and Alzheimer Disease

Genetic overlap between AD, C-reactive protein, and plasma lipids is demonstrated and novel AD susceptibility loci are identified, including 2 genome-wide significant variants conferring increased risk for AD.

Variant of TREM2 associated with the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

These findings strongly implicate variant TREM2 in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease and find that carriers of rs75932628-T between the ages of 80 and 100 years without Alzheimer’s disease had poorer cognitive function than noncarriers.

Whole exome sequencing study identifies novel rare and common Alzheimer’s-Associated variants involved in immune response and transcriptional regulation

The Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Project undertook whole exome sequencing in 5,740 late-onset Alzheimer disease cases and 5,096 cognitively normal controls primarily of European ancestry, identifying novel and predicted functional genetic variants in genes previously associated with AD.

Potential late-onset Alzheimer's disease-associated mutations in the ADAM10 gene attenuate {alpha}-secretase activity.

The first evidence of ADAM10 as a candidate AD susceptibility gene is provided, and two potentially pathogenic mutations with incomplete penetrance for late-onset familial AD are reported.