Genetic mechanisms underlying regulation of hemoglobin mass.

  title={Genetic mechanisms underlying regulation of hemoglobin mass.},
  author={Neeraj Agarwal and R Victor Gordeuk and Josef T Prchal},
  journal={Advances in experimental medicine and biology},
Hemoglobin, the sole carrier of oxygen to tissues, accounts for most cytoplasmic protein of the erythrocyte, an enucleate cell lacking protein synthesizing machinery and with limited energy metabolism. While a number of genetic mechanisms can result in decreased hemoglobin concentration in the blood, this review concentrates on those that lead to increased hemoglobin mass, i.e. polycythemia or erythrocytosis. Polycythemia may be due to (a) mutations of the enzyme synthesizing 2, 3 BPG, a… CONTINUE READING

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