Genetic mapping of day-neutrality in cultivated strawberry

  title={Genetic mapping of day-neutrality in cultivated strawberry},
  author={Patricia Miranda Castro and Jill M. Bushakra and Philip J. Stewart and Cholani K. Weebadde and Da-zhou Wang and James F. Hancock and Chad E. Finn and James J. Luby and Kim S. Lewers},
  journal={Molecular Breeding},
Day-neutrality is a highly desirable trait in strawberry (Fragaria L.)-breeding programs worldwide due to its importance in extending the harvest season in commercial production. Day-neutral genotypes are photoperiod insensitive and will initiate flowers under any photoperiod conditions as long as temperatures are moderate (below 30/26 °C day/night). In the current study, the inheritance of day-neutrality was investigated using an F1 population derived from the cross ‘Tribute’ × ‘Honeoye’. The… CONTINUE READING


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