Genetic instability in patients with metachronous colorectal cancers.

  title={Genetic instability in patients with metachronous colorectal cancers.},
  author={Sioban B Sengupta and C Y Yiu and Paul B. Boulos and Malcolm De Silva and Valerie Sams and Joy D. A. Delhanty},
  journal={The British journal of surgery},
  volume={84 7},
BACKGROUND Nearly 7 per cent of patients who undergo resection for colorectal cancer develop metachronous cancers several years later. A molecular marker that could identify patients susceptible to metachronous cancers would be of clinical importance. METHODS Twenty-four colorectal cancers from 15 individuals with metachronous colorectal cancer were investigated for microsatellite instability at five loci by single stranded conformational polymorphism analysis. A control group of 14… CONTINUE READING