Genetic instability as the primary cause of human aging

  title={Genetic instability as the primary cause of human aging},
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  • B. Strehler
  • Published 31 December 1986
  • Biology
  • Experimental Gerontology

Large genome rearrangements as a primary cause of aging

Genetic regulation of aging

The initial analysis of a few cloned nuclear genes affecting life span suggests a cellular machinery dealing with various stress situations as a major component involved in the genetic control of aging.

Genetic instability and aging: theories, facts, and future perspectives.

The results obtained to date do not rule out the possibility that genetic instability in a wide sense is a major causal factor in a number of age-related phenomena, but it appears that new strategies based on a new technology are ultimately necessary to elucidate the alterations in the intricately interwoven patterns of molecular control that could underlie the various aspects of the aging process.

Review of Genetic Investigations into the Aging Processes of Drosophila

It is fair to conclude that aging in Drosophila may be viewed as a genetically-determined, environmentally-modulated, event-dependent process.

The tumor suppression theory of aging

Paradigms and pitfalls of yeast longevity research

  • D. Sinclair
  • Biology
    Mechanisms of Ageing and Development
  • 2002

Aging and mortality: Manisfestations of natural ‘non-selaction’

  • J. Riggs
  • Biology
    Mechanisms of Ageing and Development
  • 1992

On the Role of Aging in the Etiology of Autoimmunity

Several types of diseases, among others autoimmune illnesses, could be coupled with the general processes of aging. The two-edged sword of immune defense is directed on one side against environmental



Polygamy and the evolution of human longevity

  • B. Strehler
  • Biology
    Mechanisms of Ageing and Development
  • 1979

Loss of Genes coding for Ribosomal RNA in Ageing Brain Cells

Evidence is presented for the accumulation of single strand scissions in the DNA of ageing mouse neurones and an age-dependent increase in protein crosslinking that reflects damage to DNA accumulating during ageing.

Origin and Comparison of the Effects of Time and High-Energy Radiations on Living Systems

The evolutionary origin of the aging process and the nature of the possible sources of instability afford evidence that there are multiple causes of aging.

Experimental Studies on the Duration of Life. VII. The Mendelian Inheritance of Duration of Life in Crosses of Wild Type and Quintuple Stocks of Drosophila melanogaster

In this study, involving the determination of the duration of life of 5,415 individual flies, a cross was made between a long-lived stock of Drosophila (Old Falmouth, wild type) and a short-livedStock (Quintuple), with virtually identical mean duration oflife to those of the original parent stocks.