Genetic influences on growth and partition of fat between depots and its distribution in fowl carcasses.

  title={Genetic influences on growth and partition of fat between depots and its distribution in fowl carcasses.},
  author={K A Shahin and Osman Abdallah and A R Shmeis},
  journal={Reproduction, nutrition, development},
  volume={30 6},
Thirty-two Hubbard and 40 Egyptian Fayoumi (dual-purpose) chickens were slaughtered in series at 2-wk intervals between 2-8 wk and 2-10 wk of age, respectively. Genetic differences in the allometric fat growth equation constants were studied. Relative to total body fat (TBF), the breeds did not differ significantly in relative growth of non-carcass fat. The Fayoumi tended to lay down carcass fat at a faster rate than the Hubbard. As TBF increased, the proportion of non-carcass fat increased and… CONTINUE READING

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