Genetic heterogeneity in familial malignant melanoma.

  title={Genetic heterogeneity in familial malignant melanoma.},
  author={Catriona MacGeoch and Julia Bishop and V{\'e}ronique Bataille and D Timothy Bishop and Anna Maria Frischauf and Rolando Meloni and Jack Cuzick and Elizabeth Pinney and N. K. Spurr},
  journal={Human molecular genetics},
  volume={3 12},
Following reports of linkage to chromosome 9p in families with malignant melanoma, we have been studying a series of UK families. Six families were selected with three or more cases of malignant melanoma. We have used a total of twelve markers mapping in the interval 9p13-p23 and constructed a set of haplotypes to study the inheritance of the disease chromosome. Of the six families, three were consistent with linkage to the short arm of 9, although their limited size precluded confirmation of… CONTINUE READING


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