Genetic filtering and optimal sampling of Schistosoma mansoni populations.

  title={Genetic filtering and optimal sampling of Schistosoma mansoni populations.},
  author={Robert E. Sorensen and Nilton Barnab{\'e} Rodrigues and Guilherme Oliveira and Alvaro Jos{\'e} Romanha and D. J. Minchella},
  volume={133 Pt 4},
Allelic variation in 6 microsatellite markers was compared between frozen Schistosoma mansoni eggs and laboratory-passaged worms originating from the same 5 fecal samples obtained from Brazilian residents. Based on allelic richness values, the number of alleles detected per locus did not differ between egg and worm DNA templates. However, our ability to score loci differed between these DNA templates, with worms providing more scored loci per individual than eggs. Differences also existed… CONTINUE READING