Genetic factors in determining bone mass.

  title={Genetic factors in determining bone mass.},
  author={Davey M. Smith and Walter E. Nance and Ke Won Kang and Joe C. Christian and Conrad Johnston},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={52 11},
This investigation was undertaken to evaluate possible genetic determinants of bone mass with the premise that inheritance of bone mass could be of etiologic importance in osteoporosis. Bone mass and width measurements were made with the photon absorption technique on the right radius of 71 juvenile and 80 adult twin paris. The variance of intrapair differences of bone mass in monozygotic (MZ) juvenile twins was 0.0013 g(2)/cm(2) compared to 0.0052 g(2)/cm(2) in the dizygotic (DZ) twins. For… CONTINUE READING
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