[Genetic diversity of different populations of lilyturf revealed by RSAP analysis].


Restriction site amplification polymorphism (RSAP) markers were employed to access the genetic diversity and relationship of 120 lilyturf germplasms from different geographical origins. Sixteen RSAP primer pairs generated 326 polymorphic bands, of which 318 (97.55%) were polymorphic. The value of polymorphism information content (PIC) ranged from 0.87 to 0.95 with an average of 0.92. These results indicated there was abundant genetic diversity among samples. The results of data analysis on 20 population showed that the value of percentage of polymorphic locus (PPL), Nei's gene diversity (H) and Shannon's information index (I) were 19.94%-85.58%, 0.082 6-0.210 7, 0.120 6-0.328 1 respectively. The most abundant genetic diversity was found in the O. japonicus population from Zhejiang and the least in the Liriope minor population. The genetic distance among 20 population was 0.024 6-0.286 8, of which the minimum genetic distance was 0.024 6 between population I and population 13 while the maximum 0.286 8 between population 5 and population 15. Coefficient of genetic differentiation among natural populations was 0.115 3 (Gst). And the gene differentiation contributed to 43.07% of the total genetic variation among populations and to 56.93% within populations. The total gene flow (Nm) was 0.660 9. UPMGA clustering analysis was basically similar to of the principle coordinate analysis (PCA). The 120 samples were classified into four major groups, which were basically corresponded with the genetic relationships based on morphological traits. The results of UPMGA and PCA were also consistent with geographical origins.

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