Genetic dissection of transcriptional regulation by cDNA-AFLP.

  title={Genetic dissection of transcriptional regulation by cDNA-AFLP.},
  author={Marnik Vuylsteke and Hilde Van den Daele and Annelies Vercauteren and M. F. Zabeau and Martin Kuiper},
  journal={The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology},
  volume={45 3},
This study demonstrates that cDNA-AFLP is a powerful gel-based genome-scale transcript profiling technique to generate quantitative gene expression profiles for eQTL mapping. We used cDNA-AFLP to monitor the relative abundance of 912 transcripts across 50 Arabidopsis thaliana recombinant inbred lines. Estimates for heritability of cDNA-AFLP intensity polymorphisms were high, with a median of 0.30 and an interquartile range of 0.21-0.44. A total of 198 expression polymorphisms were significantly… CONTINUE READING