Genetic control of cortical development.

  title={Genetic control of cortical development.},
  author={John L. R. Rubenstein and Pasko Raki{\'c}},
  journal={Cerebral cortex},
  volume={9 6},
evolution and the neural substrate of human mental abilities. Molecular biological techniques have opened the possibility of investigating how specific regulator y genes and morpho-regulatory molecules mediate formation of this complex structure. During evolution, the cerebral cortex has undergone disproportionate growth relative to the rest of the brain [reviewed by Northcutt and Kaas (Northcutt and Kaas, 1995)]. This increase predominately affected its surface area, rather than its thickness… CONTINUE READING


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Genetic control of cortical regionalization and connectivity

  • Rubenstein JLR, L Puelles
  • Cereb Cortex
  • 1999

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