Genetic control of β-diketone and hydroxy-β-diketone synthesis in epicuticular waxes of barley

  title={Genetic control of β-diketone and hydroxy-β-diketone synthesis in epicuticular waxes of barley},
  author={Penny von Wettstein-Knowles},
Five eceriferum, (cer) mutants in barley which influence β-diketone and hydroxy-β-diketone synthesis in spike and internode epicuticular waxes have been characterized. The mutation cer-u 69 blocks the synthesis of hydroxy-β-diketones and leads to a compensatory increase in the amount of β-diketones, indicating that β-diketones are precursors of the hydroxy-β-diketones. Furthermore, highly lobed wax plates were observed for the first time on barley lemmas, in addition to the characteristic wax… CONTINUE READING
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