Genetic complementation groups in cockayne syndrome.

  title={Genetic complementation groups in cockayne syndrome.},
  author={Kiyoji Tanaka and Kazuhiko Kawai and Yuichi Kumahara and Mituo Ikenaga and Yoshiaki Okada},
  journal={Somatic cell genetics},
  volume={7 4},
Skin fibroblasts from patients with cockayne syndrome (CS cell) exhibited marked ultraviolet (UV) sensitivity as measured by colony-forming ability. Further, recovery of semiconservative DNA synthesis following UV irradiation was absent in CS cells, as it is in xeroderma pigmentosum cells. We found that the rate of semiconservative DNA synthesis measured at 12 h after 12 J/m2 of UV irradiation had recovered to nearly normal levels in binuclear cells obtained by the fusion of CS strains CS3BE… CONTINUE READING

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