Genetic characterization of measles vaccine strains.

  title={Genetic characterization of measles vaccine strains.},
  author={Bettina Bankamp and Makoto Takeda and Yan Zhang and Wenbo Xu and Paul A Rota},
  journal={The Journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={204 Suppl 1},
The complete genomic sequences of 9 measles vaccine strains were compared with the sequence of the Edmonston wild-type virus. AIK-C, Moraten, Rubeovax, Schwarz, and Zagreb are vaccine strains of the Edmonston lineage, whereas CAM-70, Changchun-47, Leningrad-4 and Shanghai-191 were derived from 4 different wild-type isolates. Nucleotide substitutions were found in the noncoding regions of the genomes as well as in all coding regions, leading to deduced amino acid substitutions in all 8 viral… CONTINUE READING