Genetic and evolutionary constraints for the symbiosis between animals and methanogenic bacteria.

  title={Genetic and evolutionary constraints for the symbiosis between animals and methanogenic bacteria.},
  author={Johannes H. P. Hackstein and Peter Langer and Jaana Rosenberg},
  journal={Environmental monitoring and assessment},
  volume={42 1-2},
It has been assumed that the feeding habits of animals predispose the composition of the microbial biota living in their intestinal tracts. Here we show that in arthropods and vertebrates the presence of methanogenic bacteria requires a quality of the host that is under phylogenetic rather than dietary constraint: competence for intestinal methanogenic bacteria is a primitive-shared character among reptiles, birds, and mammals, and a shared-derived trait of millipedes, termites, cockroaches and… CONTINUE READING


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