Genetic and developmental analyses of chaetae pattern formation in Drosophila tergites

  title={Genetic and developmental analyses of chaetae pattern formation in Drosophila tergites},
  author={Manuel Mar{\'i}-Beffa and Jos{\'e} F{\'e}lix de Celis and Antonio Garc{\'i}a-Bellido},
  journal={Roux's archives of developmental biology},
The role of the achaete-scute complex and extramacrochaetae, Notch, Delta, Enhancer of split and Hairless genes in chaeta patterning in Drosophila tergites was studied in genetic mosaics and in mutant combinations. The mutant phenotypes of different alleles of each gene can be ordered in characteristic topographical seriations. These seriations are related to the pattern of proliferation of histoblasts and the time of singularization of sensory organ mother cells from surrounding epidermal… CONTINUE READING

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