Genetic and chemical analysis of a key biosynthetic step for soyasapogenol A, an aglycone of group A saponins that influence soymilk flavor

  title={Genetic and chemical analysis of a key biosynthetic step for soyasapogenol A, an aglycone of group A saponins that influence soymilk flavor},
  author={Yoshitake Takada and Hiroko Sasama and Takashi Sayama and Akio Kikuchi and Shin Kato and Masao Ishimoto and Chigen Tsukamoto},
  journal={Theoretical and Applied Genetics},
Although certain saponins in soybean seeds have been reported to have health benefits, group A acetyl saponins cause undesirable bitter and astringent tastes in soy products. Therefore, reduction or elimination of group A saponins is an important target for soybean breeders. A wide survey of cultivated and wild soybean germplasm identified a mutant line that lacked group A saponins. The absence of soyasapogenol A, a group A saponin aglycone, is controlled by a single recessive allele, sg-5 that… CONTINUE READING
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