Genetic analysis of the cell-to-cell movement of beet yellows closterovirus.

  title={Genetic analysis of the cell-to-cell movement of beet yellows closterovirus.},
  author={Dina V Alzhanova and Yoshinori Hagiwara and Valera V. Peremyslov and Valerian V. Dolja},
  volume={268 1},
A beet yellows closterovirus (BYV) variant expressing green fluorescent protein and leaves of BYV local lesion host Claytonia perfoliata were used to reveal genetic requirements for BYV cell-to-cell movement in leaf epidermis and mesophyll. A series of mutations targeting genes that are not involved in amplification of the viral positive-strand RNA was analyzed. The products of genes coding for a 6-kDa hydrophobic protein (p6) and a 64-kDa protein (p64), as well as for minor and major capsid… CONTINUE READING

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