Genetic analysis of rice varietal diversity for rice blast control.

  title={Genetic analysis of rice varietal diversity for rice blast control.},
  author={You-yong Zhu and Yan Sun and Yun-yue Wang and Yan Li and Yue-qiu He and Xia-Hong He and Christopher C Mundt and Tom W. Mew and Leung Hei},
  journal={Yi chuan xue bao = Acta genetica Sinica},
  volume={31 7},
Two Indica hybrid rice of Shanyou63 (A) and Shanyou22 (B), two glutinous landraces of Huanghenuo (C) and Zinuo (D) and three improved Japonica rice of Hexi41 (E), Chujing12 (F) and 8126 (G) were selected and their genetic resistance relationship was estimated using resistance gene analogue (RGA). The results showed that there were similar genetic relationships between hybrid varieties at the genetic similarity (GS) of 0.86,and among improved Japonica varieties at the GS of 0.84, while highly… CONTINUE READING

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