Genetic analysis of rice grain quality

  title={Genetic analysis of rice grain quality},
  author={Ping He and Shi Gui Li and Qian Qian and Yaqin Q. Ma and Jun Z. Li and Wei Min Wang and Ying Bei Chen and Li Huang Zhu},
  journal={Theoretical and Applied Genetics},
 The inheritance of grain quality is more complicated than that of other agronomic traits in cereals due to epistasis, maternal and cytoplasmic effects, and the triploid nature of endosperm. In the present study, an established rice DH population derived from anther culture of an indica/japonica hybrid was used for genetic analysis of rice grain quality. A total of five parameters, amylose content (AC), alkali-spreading score (ASS), gel consistency (GC), percentage of grain with a white core… CONTINUE READING
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