Genetic analysis of obese diabetes in the TSOD mouse.

  title={Genetic analysis of obese diabetes in the TSOD mouse.},
  author={Isao Hirayama and Zhaohong Yi and Shunsuke Izumi and Ikichi Arai and Wataru Suzuki and Yukio Nagamachi and Hirioyuki Kuwano and Toshiyuki Takeuchi and Tetsuro Izumi},
  volume={48 5},
The molecular pathogenesis of diabetes remains poorly understood because of the genetic complexity of the disease. One possibly effective approach to elucidate the pathogenesis is to study an animal model with a similar phenotype. The TSOD (Tsumura, Suzuki, Obese Diabetes) mouse, a newly developed animal model, exhibits both diabetes and obesity with marked hyperinsulinemia and hypertrophy of the pancreatic islets and might represent a common form of obese type 2 diabetes in humans. Phenotypic… CONTINUE READING
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