Genetic analysis of LRRK2 mutations in patients with Parkinson disease.

  title={Genetic analysis of LRRK2 mutations in patients with Parkinson disease.},
  author={Hao Deng and Weidong Le and Yi Guo and Christine B Hunter and Wenjie Xie and Maosheng Huang and Joseph Jankovic},
  journal={Journal of the neurological sciences},
  volume={251 1-2},
In addition to the G2019S mutation in the leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 gene (LRRK2), which is particularly frequent in patients of Ashkenazi Jewish and Northern African origin, three amino acid substitutions (R1441C, R1441G, and R1441H), all at the same residue (R1441), have been identified as important genetic causes of Parkinson disease (PD). To evaluate the frequency of R1441C/G/H and G2019S mutations in the LRRK2 gene in North American patients with PD and to explore genotype-phenotype… CONTINUE READING

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