Genetic analysis and attribution of microbial forensics evidence.

  title={Genetic analysis and attribution of microbial forensics evidence.},
  author={Bruce Budowle and Martin D Johnson and Claire M. Fraser and Terrance J. Leighton and Randall Steven Murch and R. Murgai S. Chakraborty},
  journal={Critical reviews in microbiology},
  volume={31 4},
Because of the availability of pathogenic microorganisms and the relatively low cost of preparing and disseminating bioweapons, there is a continuing threat of biocrime and bioterrorism. Thus, enhanced capabilities are needed that enable the full and robust forensic exploitation and interpretation of microbial evidence from acts of bioterrorism or biocrimes. To respond to the need, greater resources and efforts are being applied to the burgeoning field of microbial forensics. Microbial… CONTINUE READING

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