Genetic algorithm based optimization for EMG pattern recognition system

  title={Genetic algorithm based optimization for EMG pattern recognition system},
  author={Patrick John Fischer and Tito G. B. Amaral and Oct{\'a}vio P{\'a}scoa Dias and Andrzej Wolczowski and Marvin Lichtenstein},
Abstract The paper presents the concept of genetic algorithm based optimization for the EMG pattern recognition system controlling the hand prosthesis. The recognition of EMG signals for determining the hand movements is made by a linear neural network discriminating between five predefined grasps. The input feature vector for the classification was established using AR model, and its coefficients became the features. The genetic algorithms are used to optimize the number of elements in the… CONTINUE READING

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  • 2011 IEEE International Conference on Signal and Image Processing Applications (ICSIPA)
  • 2011