Genetic adaptations of the plateau zokor in high-elevation burrows.

  title={Genetic adaptations of the plateau zokor in high-elevation burrows.},
  author={Yong Shao and J Li and Rili Ge and Li Li Zhong and David M. Irwin and Robert W. Murphy and Yaping Zhang},
  journal={Scientific reports},
The plateau zokor (Myospalax baileyi) spends its entire life underground in sealed burrows. Confronting limited oxygen and high carbon dioxide concentrations, and complete darkness, they epitomize a successful physiological adaptation. Here, we employ transcriptome sequencing to explore the genetic underpinnings of their adaptations to this unique habitat. Compared to Rattus norvegicus, genes belonging to GO categories related to energy metabolism (e.g. mitochondrion and fatty acid beta… CONTINUE READING