Genetic Variation in Human DNA Replication Timing

  title={Genetic Variation in Human DNA Replication Timing},
  author={Amnon Koren and Robert E. Handsaker and Nolan Kamitaki and Rosa Karlic and Sulagna Dia Ghosh and Paz Polak and Kevin C. Eggan and Steven A. McCarroll},
Genomic DNA replicates in a choreographed temporal order that impacts the distribution of mutations along the genome. We show here that DNA replication timing is shaped by genetic polymorphisms that act in cis upon megabase-scale DNA segments. In genome sequences from proliferating cells, read depth along chromosomes reflected DNA replication activity in those cells. We used this relationship to analyze variation in replication timing among 161 individuals sequenced by the 1000 Genomes Project… CONTINUE READING
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