Genetic Variability within Fusarium Solani Specie as Revealed by Pcr-fingerprinting Based on Pcr Markers

  title={Genetic Variability within Fusarium Solani Specie as Revealed by Pcr-fingerprinting Based on Pcr Markers},
  author={Bereneuza Tavares Ramos and Valente Brasileiro and Maria Raquel Moura Coimbra and Marcos Ant{\^o}nio de Morais and Neiva Tinti de Oliveira},
Fusarium solani fungus (teleomorph Haematonectria haematococca) is of relevance for agriculture, producing a disease that causes significant losses for many cultivars. Moreover, F. solani is an opportunistic pathogen to animals and humans. The complexity associated to its correct identification by traditional methods justifies the efforts of using molecular markers for isolates characterization. In this work, three PCR-based methods (one PCR-ribotyping and two PCR-fingerprinting) were used to… CONTINUE READING

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