Genetic Structure in Contemporary South Tyrolean Isolated Populations Revealed by Analysis of Y-Chromosome, mtDNA, and Alu Polymorphisms

  title={Genetic Structure in Contemporary South Tyrolean Isolated Populations Revealed by Analysis of Y-Chromosome, mtDNA, and Alu Polymorphisms},
  author={I. Pichler and J. Mueller and S. A. Stefanov and A. de Grandi and C. Volpato and G. K. Pinggera and A. Mayr and Martin Ogriseg and F. Ploner and T. Meitinger and P. Pramstaller},
  booktitle={Human biology},
  • I. Pichler, J. Mueller, +8 authors P. Pramstaller
  • Published in Human biology 2006
  • Biology, Medicine
  • ABSTRACT Most of the inhabitants of South Tyrol in the eastern Italian Alps can be considered isolated populations because of their physical separation by mountain barriers and their sociocultural heritage. We analyzed the genetic structure of South Tyrolean populations using three types of genetic markers: Y-chromosome, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), and autosomal Alu markers. Using random samples taken from the populations of Val Venosta, Val Pusteria, Val Isarco, Val Badia, and Val Gardena, we… CONTINUE READING
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