Genetic Evidence for High-Altitude Adaptation in Tibet

  title={Genetic Evidence for High-Altitude Adaptation in Tibet},
  author={T. Simonson and Yingzhong Yang and C. Huff and Haixia Yun and G. Qin and D. Witherspoon and Zhen-zhong Bai and F. Lorenzo and Jinchuan Xing and L. Jorde and J. Prchal and Rili Ge},
  pages={72 - 75}
  • T. Simonson, Yingzhong Yang, +9 authors Rili Ge
  • Published 2010
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Tibetans have lived at very high altitudes for thousands of years, and they have a distinctive suite of physiological traits that enable them to tolerate environmental hypoxia. [...] Key Result Positively selected haplotypes of EGLN1 and PPARA were significantly associated with the decreased hemoglobin phenotype that is unique to this highland population. Identification of these genes provides support for previously hypothesized mechanisms of high-altitude adaptation and illuminates the complexity of hypoxia…Expand Abstract
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