Genetic Drivers of Epigenetic and Transcriptional Variation in Human Immune Cells

  title={Genetic Drivers of Epigenetic and Transcriptional Variation in Human Immune Cells},
  author={Lu Chen and Bing Ge and Francesco Paolo Casale and Louella J. Vasquez and Tony Kwan and Diego Garrido-Mart{\'i}n and Stephen Watt and Ying Yan and Kousik Kundu and Simone Ecker and Avik Datta and David G. Richardson and Frances F. Burden and Daniel Mead and Alice L. Mann and Jos{\'e} Mar{\'i}a Fern{\'a}ndez and Sophia P Rowlston and Steven P. Wilder and Samantha Farrow and Xiaojian Shao and John J. Lambourne and Adriana Redensek and Cornelis A. Albers and Vyacheslav Amstislavskiy and Sofie Ashford and Kim Berentsen and L. Bomba and Guillaume Bourque and David Bujold and Stephan Busche and Maxime Caron and Shu-Huang Chen and Warren A. Cheung and Oliver Delaneau and Emmanouil T. Dermitzakis and Heather Elding and Irina Colgiu and Frederik Otzen Bagger and Paul Flicek and Ehsan Habibi and Valentina Iotchkova and Eva M. Janssen-Megens and Bowon Kim and Hans Lehrach and Ernesto Lowy and A Soler Mandoli and Filomena Matarese and Matthew T. Maurano and John A Morris and Vera Pancaldi and Farzin Pourfarzad and Karola Rehnstrom and Augusto Rendon and Thomas Risch and Nilofar Sharifi and Marie-Michelle Simon and Marc Sultan and Alfonso Valencia and Klaudia Walter and Shuang-yin Wang and Mattia Frontini and Stylianos E. Antonarakis and Laura Clarke and Marie-Laure Yaspo and Stephan Beck and Roderic Guig{\'o} and Daniel Rico and Joost H. A. Martens and Willem H Ouwehand and Taco Willem Kuijpers and Dirk S. Paul and Hendrik G. Stunnenberg and Oliver Stegle and Kate Downes and Tomi Pastinen and Nicole Soranzo},
Characterizing the multifaceted contribution of genetic and epigenetic factors to disease phenotypes is a major challenge in human genetics and medicine. We carried out high-resolution genetic, epigenetic, and transcriptomic profiling in three major human immune cell types (CD14+ monocytes, CD16+ neutrophils, and naive CD4+ T cells) from up to 197 individuals. We assess, quantitatively, the relative contribution of cis-genetic and epigenetic factors to transcription and evaluate their impact as… CONTINUE READING
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International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium; International IBD

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