• Biology
  • Published 2012

Genetic Diversity of Rehmannia glutinosa Germplasm Resources

  title={Genetic Diversity of Rehmannia glutinosa Germplasm Resources},
  author={Zhou Yan-qing},
The genetic diversity of 23 R.glutinosa germplasm resources was analyzed by SRAP to accurately identify R.glutinosa and provide the basis for its breeding.The results showed that: 1) 310 polymorphic loci were amplified from 13 pairs of primers(23.8 polymorphic loci per one pair of primers) and the polymorphic primer ratio reached 91.71%.The Jaccard genetic similarity coefficient was 0.335~0.703;2) 23 R.glutinosa varieties could be divided into four groups;3) The result from principle component… CONTINUE READING