Genetic Algorithms in Search Optimization and Machine Learning

  title={Genetic Algorithms in Search Optimization and Machine Learning},
  author={David E. Goldberg},
From the Publisher: This book brings together - in an informal and tutorial fashion - the computer techniques, mathematical tools, and research results that will enable both students and practitioners to apply genetic algorithms to problems in many fields. Major concepts are illustrated with running examples, and major algorithms are illustrated by Pascal computer programs. No prior knowledge of GAs or genetics is assumed, and only a minimum of computer programming and mathematics… 
Genetic Algorithms in Engineering and Computer Science
This book alerts the existence of evolution based software - Genetic Algorithms and Evolution Strategies - used for the study of complex systems and difficult optimization problems unresolved until now and provides a bridge between artificial intelligence and scientific computing in order to increase the performance of evolution programs for solving real-life problems.
Genetic algorithms in chemistry.
  • R. Leardi
  • Computer Science
    Journal of chromatography. A
  • 2007
Genetic algorithms
This paper shows that genetic algorithms are easy to program, test and analyze by means of APL2 functions.
A Genetic Programming Tutorial
This chapter introduces the basics of genetic programming and touches upon some of the more advanced variants of genetic Programming as well as its theoretical foundations.
Gene-Machine, a new search heuristic algorithm
Gene-Machine, an efficient and new search heuristic algorithm, based in the building-block hypothesis, which exhibits good performance in comparison with genetic algorithms, and can be used to generate useful solutions to optimization and search problems.
Parameter Determination of Induction Machines by Hybrid Genetic Algorithms
An efficient hybrid approach containing local search and genetic algorithms is presented to provide better the solution quality and to increase the convergence speed.
Genetic-algorithm-based learning
Genetic algorithms and applications in system engineering: a survey
In this paper an overview on Genetic Algorithms (GAs) is reported. GAs are described from a theoretical point of view, important implementation problems are dealt with and a wide variety of GA
Genetic algorithms: An overview
The appeal of using ideas from evolution to solve computational problems is described, the elements of simple GAs are given, some application areas ofGAs are surveyed, and a detailed example of how a GA was used on one particularly interesting problem—automatically discovering good strategies for playing the Prisoner’s Dilemma is given.


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