Genetic Affinities of the Andaman Islanders, a Vanishing Human Population

  title={Genetic Affinities of the Andaman Islanders, a Vanishing Human Population},
  author={K. Thangaraj and L. Singh and A. G. Reddy and V. Rao and S. Sehgal and P. Underhill and Melanie Pierson and I. G. Frame and E. Hagelberg},
  journal={Current Biology},
  • K. Thangaraj, L. Singh, +6 authors E. Hagelberg
  • Published 2003
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Current Biology
  • BACKGROUND The Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal are inhabited by hunter-gatherers of unknown origin, now on the verge of extinction. The Andamanese and other Asian small-statured peoples, traditionally known as "Negritos," resemble African pygmies. However, it is generally believed that they descend from the early Australo-Melanesian settlers of Southeast Asia and that their resemblance to some Africans is due to adaptation to a similar environment, rather than shared origins. RESULTS We… CONTINUE READING
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