Genesis of massif-type anorthosites — the role of high-grade metamorphism

  title={Genesis of massif-type anorthosites — the role of high-grade metamorphism},
  author={G. P. Sighinolfi and C. Gorgoni},
  journal={Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology},
The genesis of massif-type anorthosites in general is discussed on the basis of data obtained on the Capivarita massif, a labradorite-type anorthosite from Southern Brazil. Massif anorthosites are thought to have originated by fractional crystallization of magmas of suitable compositions (essentially high-alumina basalt and andesite melts) that underwent extremely slow cooling under high-grade metamorphic conditions. Plagioclase is the dominant liquidus phase in the melt only over a very… Expand
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