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Genesis of mafic enclaves from rapakivi-textured granites in the Qinling and its petrological significance: evidence of elements and Nd, Sr isotopes.

  title={Genesis of mafic enclaves from rapakivi-textured granites in the Qinling and its petrological significance: evidence of elements and Nd, Sr isotopes.},
  author={Wang Xiao},
  journal={Acta Petrologica Sinica},
  • W. Xiao
  • Published 2005
  • Geology
  • Acta Petrologica Sinica
The enclaves from rapakivi-textured granite plutons in the Qinling orogenic belt are mainly dioritic magmatic enclaves, having low content in SiO2(50%-62%),high in K2O+Na2O(7.01%-9.4%), δ(5-9), F, REE, Cr, Ni, V and Ga. The major oxide contents of the enclaves and their host rocks plots on the same linear trends. The pattern of REE, trace element and isotopic signatures of the enclaves are similar to those of the host granites. Exchanges of active elements, HLE and LREE occurred between the… 
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