Genes involved in cytokinin signal transduction


Although cytokinin plays a central role in plant development, our knowledge about the signal transduction pathway initiated by this plant hormone is fragmentary. By randomly introducing enhancer elements into theArabidopsis genome throughAgrobacterium-mediated transformation, 5 cytokinin independent mutant calli (cki1-1, −2, −3, −4 andcki2) were obtained. These mutants exhibit typical cytokinin responses, including rapid proliferation, chloroplast differentiation, shoot induction and inhibition of root formation, in the absence of cytokinin. TheCKl1 gene encodes a product similar to the sensor histidine kinases of two-component systems, and its overexpression in plants induces typical cytokinin responses (Kakimoto 1996). Here I report that overexpression of this gene did not alter the auxin reqirement ofArabidopsis. Another mutant,many shoots, which was also identified on the same screening, produced many adventitious shoots on cotyledons, petioles and true leaves.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02512181

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