Genericity of historic behavior for maps and flows

  title={Genericity of historic behavior for maps and flows},
  author={Maria Carvalho and Paulo Varandas},
  pages={7030 - 7044}
We establish a sufficient condition for a continuous map, acting on a compact metric space, to have a Baire residual set of points exhibiting historic behavior (also known as irregular points). This criterion applies, for instance, to a minimal and non-uniquely ergodic map; to maps preserving two distinct probability measures with full support; to non-trivial homoclinic classes; to some non-uniformly expanding maps; and to partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms with two periodic points whose… 

Sensitivity and historic behavior for continuous maps on Baire metric spaces

We introduce a notion of sensitivity, with respect to a continuous bounded observable, which provides a sufficient condition for a continuous map, acting on a Baire metric space, to exhibit a Baire

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A BSTRACT . One could observe drastically different dynamics of zero-sum and non-zero- sum games under replicator equations . In zero-sum games, heteroclinic cycles naturally occur whenever the


We consider the set of points with historic behavior (which is also called the irregular set) for continuous flows and suspension flows. In this paper under the hypothesis that (Xt)t is a continuous



Nonuniform hyperbolicity for C1-generic diffeomorphisms

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Hyperbolic dynamics studies the iteration of maps on sets with some type of Lipschitz structure used to measure distance. In a hyperbolic system, some directions are uniformly contracted and others

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We prove that a singular-hyperbolic attractor of a 3-dimensional flow is chaotic, in two different strong senses. First, the flow is expansive: if two points remain close at all times, possibly with

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It follows from Oseledec Multiplicative Ergodic Theorem that the Lyapunov-irregular set of points for which the Oseledec averages of a given continuous cocycle diverge has zero measure with respect

Abundance of Wild Historic Behavior

Using Caratheodory measures, we associate to each positive orbit of a measurable map f , a Borel measure $$\eta _{x}$$ η x . We show that $$\eta _{x}$$ η x is f -invariant whenever f is continuous or

Sets of “Non-typical” points have full topological entropy and full Hausdorff dimension

For subshifts of finite type, conformal repellers, and conformal horseshoes, we prove that the set of points where the pointwise dimensions, local entropies, Lyapunov exponents, and Birkhoff averages

Gluing orbit property and partial hyperbolicity

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