Generic values for soil-to-plant transfer factors of radiocesium.

  title={Generic values for soil-to-plant transfer factors of radiocesium.},
  author={M. J. Frissel and Debanjana Deb and M Fathony and Y.-M. Lin and A Sattar Mollah and N. T. Ngo and Ibrahim Othman and William L Robison and V Skarlou-Alexiou and S. Fatih Topcuoglu and John Twining and Shigeo Uchida and Maria Ang{\'e}lica Vergara Wasserman},
  journal={Journal of environmental radioactivity},
  volume={58 2-3},
There is a need for soil-to-plant transfer factors of radionuclides that take into account all possible crops on all soil varieties to support dose assessment studies. Because only limited experimental data exist for worldwide soil systems, such values should necessarily have a generic character. This paper describes a generic system for 137Cs, mainly based on a reference soil-to-plant transfer factor which depends solely on soil properties such as nutrient status, exchangeable K-content, pH… CONTINUE READING

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