Generic model for the hyperkagome iridate Na 4 Ir 3 O 8 in the local-moment regime

  title={Generic model for the hyperkagome iridate Na 4 Ir 3 O 8 in the local-moment regime},
  author={Tomonari Mizoguchi and Kyusung Hwang and Eric Kin-Ho Lee and Yong Baek Kim},
  journal={Physical Review B},
The hyperkagome iridate, ${\mathrm{Na}}_{4}{\mathrm{Ir}}_{3}{\mathrm{O}}_{8}$, has been regarded as a promising candidate material for a three-dimensional quantum spin liquid. Here the three-dimensional network of corner-sharing triangles forms the hyperkagome lattice of ${\mathrm{Ir}}^{4+}$ ions. Due to strong spin-orbit coupling, the local moments of ${\mathrm{Ir}}^{4+}$ ions are described by the pseudospin ${j}_{\mathrm{eff}}=1/2$ Kramers doublet. The Heisenberg model on this lattice is… 

Robust spin-orbit coupling induced semimetallic state in hyperkagome iridate Li3Ir3O8

A hyperkagome iridate ${\mathrm{Li}}_{3}{\mathrm{Ir}}_{3}{\mathrm{O}}_{8}$ is synthesized by an ion-exchange reaction from ${\mathrm{Na}}_{4}{\mathrm{Ir}}_{3}{\mathrm{O}}_{8}$. The transport,

Emergent antiferromagnetic transition in hyperkagome manganese Zn2Mn3O8

We have successfully synthesized a hyperkagome antiferromagnet ${\mathrm{Zn}}_{2}{\mathrm{Mn}}_{3}{\mathrm{O}}_{8}$ by a topochemical method, where ${\mathrm{Mn}}^{4+}$ ions with $S=3/2$ spins form a

Interplay of nonsymmorphic symmetry and spin-orbit coupling in hyperkagome spin liquids: Applications to Na 4 Ir 3 O 8

Na$_4$Ir$_3$O$_8$ provides a material platform to study three-dimensional quantum spin liquids in the geometrically frustrated hyperkagome lattice of Ir$^{4+}$ ions. In this work, we consider quantum

Functional renormalization group for three-dimensional quantum magnetism

We formulate a pseudofermion functional renormalization group (PFFRG) scheme to address frustrated quantum magnetism in three dimensions. In a scenario where many numerical approaches fail due to

Competing magnetic orders and spin liquids in two- and three-dimensional kagome systems: Pseudofermion functional renormalization group perspective

Quantum magnets on kagome lattice geometries in two and three spatial dimensions are archetypal examples of spin systems in which geometric frustration inhibits conventional magnetic ordering and

Controlled vapor crystal growth of Na4Ir3O8: A three-dimensional quantum spin liquid candidate

We report the successful bulk single crystal growth of the hyperkagome lattice iridate Na4Ir3O8 (Na438) by vapor transport using a sealed aluminum oxide tube as a container. Crystals were

Quantum magnetism in minerals

The discovery of magnetism by the ancient Greeks was enabled by the natural occurrence of lodestone – a magnetized version of the mineral magnetite. Nowadays, natural minerals continue to inspire the

Heisenberg–Kitaev physics in magnetic fields

  • L. JanssenM. Vojta
  • Physics
    Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal
  • 2019
The recent advances in understanding the field responses of materials that are described by models with strongly bond-dependent spin exchange interactions, such as Kitaev's celebrated honeycomb model and its extensions are reviewed.

Kitaev materials




  • Nat. Commun
  • 2014

It is due to the fact that the q = 0 states do not have net magnetization. To be specific, we have S(q = 0) = i