Generic Signals and Specific Outcomes Signaling through Ca2+, Calcineurin, and NF-AT

  title={Generic Signals and Specific Outcomes Signaling through Ca2+, Calcineurin, and NF-AT},
  author={G. Crabtree},
  • G. Crabtree
  • Published 1999
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cell
  • Why are drugs such as cyclosporin A and FK506 effective and specific immunosuppressants when their target, calcineurin is present in all tissues? A counterintuitive answer to this question arises from the unusual mechanism of action of these drugs (Liu et al. 1991xLiu, J, Farmer, J.D, Lane, W.S, Friedman, J, Weissman, I, and Schreiber, S.L. Cell. 1991; 66: 807–815Abstract | Full Text PDF | PubMed | Scopus (2779)See all ReferencesLiu et al. 1991). At therapeutic concentrations, cyclosporin and… CONTINUE READING
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    Calcineurin Signaling and Muscle Remodeling
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    Manipulating Immune Responses Review with Immunosuppressive Agents that Target NFAT
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    Calcineurin and intracellular Ca2+-release channels: regulation or association?
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    Direct Interaction and Reciprocal Regulation between ASK1 and Calcineurin-NFAT Control Cardiomyocyte Death and Growth
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    A salutary role for calcineurin in the heart.
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    Targeted inhibition of calcineurin attenuates cardiac hypertrophy in vivo
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    Calcineurin: from structure to function.
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    Calcineurin is a common target of cyclophilin-cyclosporin A and FKBP-FK506 complexes
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    Rapid shuttling of NF-AT in discrimination of Ca2+ signals and immunosuppression
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    Nuclear association of a T-cell transcription factor blocked by FK-506 and cyclosporin A
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    Nuclear localization of NF-ATc by a calcineurin-dependent, cyclosporin-sensitive intramolecular interaction.
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    Regulation of the Calmodulin-stimulated Protein Phosphatase, Calcineurin*
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    Transcription factors of the NFAT family: regulation and function.
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    Cyclosporine induces cancer progression by a cell-autonomous mechanism
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    Activation and cellular localization of the cyclosporine A-sensitive transcription factor NF-AT in skeletal muscle cells.
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    Function of a heterologous muscarinic receptor in T cell antigen receptor signal transduction mutants.
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    A calcineurin-dependent transcriptional pathway controls skeletal muscle fiber type.
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