Generic Reversible Visible Watermarking via Regularized Graph Fourier Transform Coding

  title={Generic Reversible Visible Watermarking via Regularized Graph Fourier Transform Coding},
  author={Wenfa Qi and Sirui Guo and Wei Hu},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Image Processing},
Reversible visible watermarking (RVW) is an active copyright protection mechanism. It not only transparently superimposes copyright patterns on specific positions of digital images or video frames to declare the copyright ownership information, but also completely erases the visible watermark image and thus enables restoring the original host image without any distortion. However, existing RVW algorithms mostly construct the reversible mapping mechanism for a specific visible watermarking… 

A non-blind Watermarking Technique using Flexible Scaling Factor in Wavelet Transform

  • E. Elbasi
  • Computer Science
    2022 45th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP)
  • 2022
Experimental results show that block and flexible scaling factor base Wavelet watermarking gives better peak signal-to-noise ratio values in Lena, Barbara, peppers and cameraman images and proposed algorithm is resist against the all common type of attacks.

Challenging Channels: Encrypted Covert Channels within Challenge-Response Authentication

This work presents two covert channels in nonce-based network authentication that allow the encrypted transfer of covert information and discusses potential countermeasures, that can detect, limit and eliminate the proposed covert channels.



A Contrast-Sensitive Reversible Visible Image Watermarking Technique

The experimental results demonstrate the superiority of the proposed reversible visible watermarking scheme compared to the existing methods, and adopts data compression for further reduction in the recovery packet size and improvement in embedding capacity.

Reversible Visible Watermarking and Lossless Recovery of Original Images

  • Yongjian HuB. Jeon
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology
  • 2006
A reversiblevisible watermarking algorithm to satisfy a new application scenario where the visible watermark serves as a tag or ownership identifier, but can be completely removed to resume the original image data.

A High Secure Reversible Visible Watermarking Scheme

A novel reversible visible watermarking algorithm that can fully remove the watermark from the visible watermarked image such that the original image can be restored and the transparent degree of watermark can be controlled by the variance of the key.

Lossless visible watermarking based on adaptive circular shift operation for BTC-compressed images

A new reversible visible watermarking scheme based on AMBTC (Absolute Moment Block Truncation Coding) domain that can achieve high visual quality of stego-images and recover original BTC-compressed image losslessly and is robust against common signal processing attacks.

Visible watermark removal scheme based on reversible data hiding and image inpainting

Difference-expansion based reversible and visible image watermarking scheme

Experimental results show that the proposed scheme embeds visible watermarks with few recorded exceeding numbers, however, not recording any exceeding numbers still results in a high similarity of extracted watermark image and good quality of recovered cover image.

Adaptive removable visible watermarking technique using dual watermarking for digital color images

The experimental results show that the proposed system outperforms previous related works in terms of blind removal, preservation of the quality of the unmarked recovered image, and higher visual degradation of the content in the recovered image if an illegal removal attempt is performed.

A Recoverable Visible Digital Image Watermarking Based on the Dyadic Lifting Scheme

Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed new recoverable visible digital image watermarking method gives watermarked images that have better quality and that are robust with respect to attacks such as marking, clipping, contrast tuning, median filtering, addition of Gaussian white noise, plus of salt & pepper noise, compression, rotation, and resizing, and can recover approximately the original image without problems in practical use.

A secure removable visible watermarking for BTC compressed images

The experimental results show that this scheme can achieve a good balance between perceptual transparence and the watermark strength (watermark visibility) and can resist common image processing attacks.

Improved reversible visible image watermarking based on HVS and ROI-selection

An improved reversible visible image watermarking scheme based on human visual system (HVS) and a region of interest selection (ROI-selection) strategy is proposed which can provide a better fusion effect for the visible watermark and the cover image.