Generic Model of Activity-Level in Workplace Communication


A single question concerning human communication represents serious issues in many social fields: "What makes communication active?" Even though this question has been partially researched, no law has yet been revealed. In this paper, a unified Hamiltonian model of activity level in face-to-face communications between people is introduced. This model consists of two basic findings drawn from real-world mass communication data of 412 people measured over three months by means of wearable social badges. The first basic finding was that the activity level of a participant in the communication increases when the situation of the communication is informal, rather than formal (p

DOI: 10.1109/PASSAT/SocialCom.2011.65

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@article{Akitomi2011GenericMO, title={Generic Model of Activity-Level in Workplace Communication}, author={Tomoaki Akitomi and Koji Ara and Jun-ichiro Watanabe and Kazuo Yano}, journal={2011 IEEE Third Int'l Conference on Privacy, Security, Risk and Trust and 2011 IEEE Third Int'l Conference on Social Computing}, year={2011}, pages={814-819} }