Generelle morphologie der organismen. Allgemeine grundzüge der organischen formen-wissenschaft, mechanisch begründet durch die von Charles Darwin reformirte descendenztheorie, von Ernst Haeckel

  title={Generelle morphologie der organismen. Allgemeine grundz{\"u}ge der organischen formen-wissenschaft, mechanisch begr{\"u}ndet durch die von Charles Darwin reformirte descendenztheorie, von Ernst Haeckel},
  author={Ernst Haeckel}
Macroevolution of Animal Body Plans: Is There Science after the Tree?
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From Haeckel to Hennig: the early development of phylogenetics in German‐speaking Europe
An outline of the development of phylogenetic thinking and methodology in German literature published between 1862 and 1942 is presented and it is shown that many important elements of phylogenetics were developed several decades before Hennig.
Haeckel's ABC of evolution and development
Haeckel's work is re‐examine and he is seen as the father of a sequence‐based phylogenetic embryology, and his embryo drawings are important as phylogenetic hypotheses, teaching aids, and evidence for evolution.
Russian editions of E. Haeckel’s works and the evolution of their perception
The article aims to clarify the dynamics of the publication of E. Haeckel’s works in Russia, and the evolution of their perception by the authorities, various social groups and scientists in a
Current Understanding of Ecdysozoa and its Internal Phylogenetic Relationships.
Twenty years after its proposal, the monophyly of molting protostomes-Ecdysozoa-is a well-corroborated hypothesis, but the interrelationships of its major subclades are more ambiguous than is
Edward Hitchcock’s Pre-Darwinian (1840) “Tree of Life”
Although well known in the mid 19th century, the geologist Edward Hitchcock has been forgotten as an early, if not the first author to publish a paleontologically based “tree of life” beginning in 1840 in the first edition of his popular general geology text Elementary Geology.
Octocorals (Alcyonacea and Pennatulacea) from Paleogene deep-water strata in western Washington State, USA
Abstract. The fossil record of octocorals from Cenozoic marine strata of western North America is quite limited, and they have not been reported previously from rocks in Washington State, USA. Two
Degeneration, Decadence, and Joyce’s Modernist Disability Aesthetics
Shortly after the publication of James Joyce’s Anna Livia Plurabelle as a standalone volume in 1928, the Observer issued an unfavorable review by Gerald Gould. “It looks as if he had a spelling-bee
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  • Biological and Bio-Inspired Fluid Dynamics
  • 2021
Enduring evolutionary embellishment of cloudinids in the Cambrian
The Ediacaran–Cambrian transition and the following Cambrian Explosion are among the most fundamental events in the evolutionary history of animals. Understanding these events is enhanced when