Generators for the representation rings of certain wreath products

  title={Generators for the representation rings of certain wreath products},
  author={Nate Harman},
  journal={Journal of Algebra},
  • Nate Harman
  • Published 7 October 2014
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Algebra

Stability and periodicity in the modular representation theory of symmetric groups

We study asymptotic properties of the modular representation theory of symmetric groups and investigate modular analogs of stabilization phenomena in characteristic zero. The main results are

The indecomposable objects in the center of Deligne's category $Rep(S_t)$

We classify the indecomposable objects in the monoidal center of Deligne’s interpolation category RepSt by viewing RepSt as a model-theoretic limit in rank and characteristic. We further prove that

Heisenberg Categorification and Wreath Deligne Category

We define a faithful linear monoidal functor from the partition category, and hence from Deligne’s category Rep(St), to the additive Karoubi envelope of the Heisenberg category. We show that the

Group partition categories

To every group $G$ we associate a linear monoidal category $\mathcal{P}\mathit{ar}(G)$ that we call a group partition category. We give explicit bases for the morphism spaces and also an efficient

The Structure of the Grothendieck Rings of Wreath Product Deligne Categories and their Generalisations

Given a tensor category $\mathcal{C}$ over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero, we may form the wreath product category $\mathcal{W}_n(\mathcal{C})$. It was shown in [10] that the

Stable Grothendieck rings of wreath product categories

Let k be an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero, and let $${\mathcal {C}} = {\mathcal {R}} -\hbox {mod}$$C=R-mod be the category of finite-dimensional modules over a fixed Hopf algebra

Finite-Dimensional Representations of Yangians in Complex Rank

  • D. Kalinov
  • Mathematics
    International Mathematics Research Notices
  • 2019
We classify the “finite-dimensional” irreducible representations of the Yangians $Y(\mathfrak{g}\mathfrak{l}_t)$ and $Y(\mathfrak{s}\mathfrak{l}_t)$. These are associative ind-algebras in the

Indecomposable objects in Khovanov-Sazdanovic's generalizations of Deligne's interpolation categories

Khovanov and Sazdanovic recently introduced symmetric monoidal categories parameterized by rational functions and given by quotients of categories of two-dimensional cobordisms. These categories



Hooks generate the representation ring of the symmetric group


P. Deligne defined interpolations of the tensor category of representations of the symmetric group Sn to complex values of n. Namely, he defined tensor categories Rep(St) for any complex t. This

Representations of Finite Classical Groups: A Hopf Algebra Approach

Structural theory of PSH-algebras.- First applications.- Representations of general linear and affine groups over finite fields.

Noetherian property of infinite EI categories

It is known that finitely generated FI-modules over a field of characteristic 0 are Noetherian. We generalize this result to the abstract setting of an infinite EI category satisfying certain

A construction of semisimple tensor categories

Gröbner methods for representations of combinatorial categories

Given a category C of a combinatorial nature, we study the following fundamental question: how does the combinatorial behavior of C affect the algebraic behavior of representations of C? We prove two

Representation theory and homological stability

Deligne categories and reduced Kronecker coefficients

The Kronecker coefficients are the structural constants for the tensor categories of representations of the symmetric groups; namely, given three partitions $\lambda, \mu, \tau$ of $n$, the