Generators and relations for certain special linear groups

  title={Generators and relations for certain special linear groups},
  author={Richard G. Swan},
  journal={Advances in Mathematics},
  • R. Swan
  • Published 1 February 1971
  • Mathematics
  • Advances in Mathematics
Linear groups: On non-congruence subgroups and presentations
  • P. Helm
  • Mathematics
    Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society
  • 1982
The central theme of this thesis is the calculation of explicit presentations for certain linear groups both for their intrinsic interest and for their use in finding non-congruence subgroups in SL~
The HNN and generalized free product structure of certain linear groups
Introduction. If d is a positive square-free integer let Id be the ring of integers in Q(\Jd). Id is a Euclidean domain if d = 1, 2, 3, 7, 11. The groups PSL2(/d) = Fd over these Euclidean rings have
The cohomology of lattices in SL(2,C)
This paper contains both theoretical results and experimental data on the behavior of the dimensions of the cohomology spaces H^1(G,E_n), where Gamma is a lattice in SL(2,C) and E_n is one of the
Almost all Bianchi groups have free, non-cyclic quotients
Let d be a square-free positive integer and let O (= O d ) be the ring of integers of the imaginary quadratic number field ℚ(- d ). The groups PSL 2 (O) are called the Bianchi groups after Luigi
The Cohomology of Lattices in SL(2, ℂ)
In the case Γ = SL(2,O) for the ring of integers O in an imaginary quadratic number field, the theory of lifting is made explicit and lower bounds linear in n are obtained and two instances with nonlifted classes in the cohomology are discovered.
principal congruence link groups.
  • Mathematics
  • 2022
The authors give a list describing all ( 48 ) principal congruence subgroups of PSL(2 , O d ) whose action on hyperbolic 3-space produces a link in S 3 . Here O d denotes the ring of integers in Q (
The second homology of SL2 of S -integers
We calculate the structure of the finitely generated groups H2(SL2(Z[1/m]),Z) when m is a multiple of 6. Furthermore, we show how to construct homology classes, represented by cycles in the bar
The solubility of certain decision problems in arithmetic and algebra
Results. We have constructed some rather general algorithms, which can (in theory) be applied in diverse situations. Let us describe them. A. ARITHMETIC GROUPS. Let G be an algebraic subgroup of GLn,
The integral homology ofSL2 andPSL2 of euclidean imaginary quadratic integers
One way to study the cohomology of a group T of finite virtual cohomological dimension is to find a finite dimensional contractible space X on which F acts properly (such a space X always exists by


A presentation of SL 2 for Euclidean imaginary quadratic number fields
Let G be any group and G′ its derived, then G/G′ —the group G made abelian—will be denoted by G a . Over any ring R , denote by E 2 ( R ) the group generated by the matrices as x ranges over R ; the
Solution of the congruence subgroup problem for SLn (n ≥ 3) and Sp2n (n ≥ 2)
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Representation theory of finite groups and associated algebras
A loom sley capable of use in high speed looms comprises a substantially tubular member, said tubular member having attached thereto a race board plate and a reed support device, said race board
Die unimodularen Substitutionen in einem algebraischen Zahlenkörper
Bei den folgenden Untersuchungen bediene ich mich einiger abkurzenden Bezeichnungen, die ich hier vorausschicke. Wenn zwischen den Zahlenpaaren x, y und x′, y′ die Gleichungen $$\left.
Theorie der Konvexen Körper
Konvexe Figuren haben von jeher in der Geometrie eine bedeutende Rolle gespielt. Die durch ihre KonvexiUitseigenschaft allein charakteri sierten Gebilde hat aber erst BRUNN zum Gegenstand umfassender
réduction des formes d'Hermite dans un corps quadratique imaginaire
  • C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris
  • 1915